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  • Magician in Hong Kong dressed up in regal costume performing walk around magicJoker performing strolling magic to a patron at a french themed event in Hong Kong.
  • A Hong Kong Ladies was impressed and pointing a card with her signature which the roving magician picked up and holding it with his mouth at a corporate cocktails party Client is impressed by Joker magic
  • Magician performing table magic in front of the famous Hong Kong Kung Fu movie star and his model wife at a cocktails party  Donnie Yen looking on impressed.
  • Hong Kong Magician performing roving card magic at DBS Hong Kong cocktail party Calvin performing card magic at DBS cocktail party.
  • Roving magician in Hong Kong performing roving magic to CEO with wine at annual dinnerAndy performing at an annual dinner in HKCEC.
  • Magician in Hong Kong performing table roving magic at a corporate annual dinnerAndy K at HSBC annual dinner performing his flaming card trick.
  • Roving Magician performing spoon bending magic to children at Hong Kong Popcorn Mall store opening eventWing performing spoon bending magic at Popcorn mall.
  • Walk around magician performing close up card magic and invited a guest to pick a card at a cocktails party in Hong Kong Josay performing his card tricks at a cocktails party.
  • Magician at The Independent day corporate function performing roving magic and invited a gentlemen to pick a card at the American club Hong Kong Josay performing table magic at the American club the independent day event.
  • Magician performing three linking rings magic with a children audience at Hong Kong Kowloon Park Patrick performing three linking rings trick at Kowloon park.
  • Magician performing roving fire magic to ladies at a Hong Kong restaurantBonn performing fire magic at a restaurant.
  • Magician in HK performing stage magic snow storm with white paper at corporate event.Bonn performing snow storm magic trick.
  • Walk around magician performing table magic for a family to promote the new menu at a Hong Kong restaurant  Jack performing close up magic at Tao Heung Restaurant.