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  • Fluent in 3 languages Joker has one of the largest arsenal of magic tricks in HK. He is known for his amazing close up magic as well as his family stage shows. He has a huge range of slight of hand skills that always amazes and is sure to pull a crowd at any event. As a dedicated student of the craft Joker is always finding new ways to produce, amaze and enthrall his audiences. With over 10 years of performing experience after one performance guests usually will request this fantastic performer back.

    Typical tricks include everyday objects such as cards , coins and rubber bands. See more great acts ideas at our main website:
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  • Magician in Hong Kong performing roving magic to two guests at a corporate cocktail eventRoving Magic at HSBC. Joker performing his card change routine.
  • Walk-around magician performing to two gentlemen at a race meet in Hong KongJoker doing some magic tricks at the Happy Valley races.
  • Magician performing roving magic to four girls at a Hong Kong Bank corporate cocktail event.Joker performing his card change routine at HSBC.
  • Magician performing a table magic trick at a corporate cocktail event in Hong KongWine & Dine fair with the CEO of CCB. Joker reveals his magic table seemingly from no-where.
  • Roving magician at an exhibition in Hong Kong preforming a card trick to two girlsJoker performing some table magic at the Wine and Dine fair.
  • Magician in HK performing roving fire magic in front of a table of guests at a corporate dinner event All eyes on Joker when he is performing his flaming fire tricks.
  • Street Magic performance
  • Bilingual Magician Cocktail Magic