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  • Josay has an award winning style that has earned him so much praise in Latin America. From stage shows to roving magic, Jose has earned awards in both categories. Audiences from Canada to China have enjoyed both live performances as well as numerous TV appearances.

    People love to see magic when it happens right before their very eyes. Close-up magic is a kind of magic which is
    completely fascinating, intimate and fun, with lots of surprises and spectator involvement.
    Josay close-up magic consists of 3-5 minutes of interactive magic presentations for individual while they are sitting
    or standing. Most of the magic is done within 18" of the spectator and many times in their own hands. It is the kind
    of magic you and your guests will love, remember and talk about for years to come.
    Here is a sample of some of the magic you will see:
    -Wallet on Fire
    Josay asks an audience if he wants to see a hot trick, as he opens his wallet, flame comes out. He quickly shuts the
    wallet and opens again and it looks just like a normal wallet.
    -Bill Switch
    Bills change denominations (from HKD one hundred dollar to one thousand dollars)
    -The Miracle Card
    A card is selected, signed and lost in the deck. Josay displays on the table 4 plastic unusual cards that are shown on
    both sides. A volunteer is asking to choose any of the plastic card, no matter what they choose the plastic is visually
    turn into the selected card as a miracle transformation.
    -Mystery Rope
    In Josay hands, a normal piece of rope turns into a loop without ends, after the ends are put back, he cuts the rope
    into two pieces and restores them back to one rope.
    -Impossible Location
    Josay asks a volunteer to select a card and signed it, and then the card is lost back in to the deck. Josay takes his wallet
    out from his jacket pocket. The wallet is placed on the spectators hands, open it up, slowly unzip the pocket inside,
    and pull out an envelope. Josay then gives this envelope to the spectator who examines it to make sure it is truly
    sealed. The spectator then opens the envelope to reveal their signed card.
    Any numbers/prices named by audiences instantly appear on a price tag hanging from Josay jacket.
    -Stolen Card
    Josay shows the audience a special deck of cards. Every card has a different back.
    Josay takes two cards and place them face-down on the table. The spectator chooses two more cards. The first
    surprise is that the two chosen cards match your predictions. The second surprise is that not only do the faces match,
    so do the backs. The third surprise is a real kicker. Every other card in the deck is identical except for the two cards
    chosen by the spectator.
    A card is selected, signed, and lost in the deck. A random card is revealed and fails to be the chosen card. This
    random card is inserted in a plastic sleeve to isolate it and avoid any chance of "tricky sleight of hand." The card
    SLOWLY and VISIBLY changes to the signed selection. You will be blown away by how amazing this looks.
    -Micro Psychic
    A spectator screws a nut onto a bolt about half way and then Josay hold it at his fingertips. But ...
    Suddenly the nut starts to rotate and finally drops off.
    -Ultimate Invisible Deck
    The selected card comes up to the top of the deck repeatedly, and at the end, the deck turns into a block of solid
    plastic in the volunteers hands;
    -Card on the Ceiling
    A card is selected, lost back in the pack and the entire deck is returned to the box. Josay throws the deck up at the
    ceiling! Look up at the ceiling!! Your selected card is stuck to the ceiling!
    Plus many, many more, astounding tricks with mobile phones, coins, casino chips, napkins and cigarettes etc.
    These are just a few amazing feats that will leave you impressed and dazzled. Josay amazing sleight of hand
    combined with his charisma and Latin flair will create a unique experience that will leave you and your guests with
    a strong lasting impression. See more great acts ideas at our main website:
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  • Hong Kong stage magician taking a picture with his audience after his performance at a corporate children event Josay with his audience at the end of the show.
  • Hong Kong magician performing table magic three linking rings to a gentlemen at a children birthday party at Hong Kong Aberdeen marina club Josay performing three linking rings trick at a children birthday party at Hong Kong Aberdeen marina.
  • Children looking at the magician in Hong Kong who holding a red wand , standing next to the magic case , performing at the corporate kids event Josay performing at a corporate children event.
  • Magician performing snow storm magic trick with a fan at a corporate Christmas party at Aberdeen Marnia Club Hong Kong Josay performing snow storm trick at a Christmas party.
  • Hong Kong Magician in purple suit performing magic with a live bunny at a corporate eventJosay performs with a live bunny.
  • Magician performing three linking rings at a corporate event in Tai Po Mage Mall Hong Kong Josay amazes the audience with his three linking rings trick at Tai Po Mega Mall.
  • Magician in Hong Kong performing magic with rope at the corporate event in New Jade Shopping ArcadeJosay at the New Jade Shopping Arcade.
  • Magician walk around in sky 100 hong kongMagician interacting with audience members during walk around magic
  • Magician at event with audience members in awe, hong kong sky 100 performanceJosay at corp event wowing guests with his walk around skills at Sky 100
  • Magician Josay performs at Kids Birthday Party
  • Magician Jose- Performers HK
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